Voluntary Action Camden


A Community Links experience  

The VAC Community Links team, which is part of the Camden Care Navigation and Social Prescribing Service, undertakes various roles to help Camden residents access local care and resources.  

The volunteers provide longer term support to residents to encourage them to connect with activities in the community. 

A local resident sent us their story, which you can read below. 



I did not know what to expect when I was given the opportunity to receive a weekly call from a volunteer at the VAC Community Links team.  

It was not something I was familiar with. For a few years I have experienced trauma and isolation and I had lost trust in both myself and others. 

What I discovered was a good listener with a good memory for our previous conversations.  

The volunteer was dependable, calling each week at the same time and I soon began to look forward to our chats. 

My anxiety disorder meant that, to begin with, I was doing most of the talking. At the time I had no one else to talk with.  

But as we continued I began to relax and the calls developed into 2-way conversations. The non-judgemental nature of the volunteer, along with the feeling that I was truly being heard was very therapeutic.  

I found the trust in myself and others growing. Even writing this is a big step, one that I would have been unable to do so beforehand, as I struggled with writer’s block. 

Many of the endings in my life have been traumatic, but it was not the case when our sessions came to an end. It simply felt like a natural conclusion, which was uplifting in itself. 

I am very grateful for my VAC Community Links Volunteer, and for all the personal growth I have achieved during our time together. 


If you would like to learn more about the Community Links team, please click check out our service webpage.