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Expert, jargon-free guides and resources for voluntary sector organisations and community project teams. These include practical tips and resources to help you start up and run your organisation and projects.

How to use this page

Whether you are starting a new organisation or need guidance and tips on how to get your organisation running like a well-oiled machine, this page brings together our expertise in a single place. Having said that, our guides and resources only cover the basics. Once you’ve read the guide (s) related to your general problem, we set out the next steps for arriving at the best solution for your particular situation.

In our experience, each group or individual we work with brings a unique set of challenges that we help them to understand and solve. We do this by taking a tailored approach to helping our service-users develop a customised solution that goes beyond the generic (and often incomplete) advice available on the Internet.

Starting a new organisation

If you have identified a community need which isn’t being met by an existing Camden organisation, this guide will help you set up an organisation suited to your cause.

Support services for voluntary organisations

We provide pro bono consulting for a variety of organisational problems. This guide explains our approach to organisation development and critical practices for maintaining performance in the voluntary sector

Business planning

This guide explains how to develop a business plan and any other strategic plan you need to achieve your organisational goals.

Digital skills

Having an online presence and website is now an integral part running an organisation. This guide explains the technologies and digital skills you’ll need for your organisation.

Employment and human resources (HR)

This essential guide covers everything you need to know about employing and taking care of staff.

Festivals and street parties

Camden is an energetic and diverse town with so much culture to celebrate! This guide sets out the key issues that need to be addressed to pull off a safe and successful community event in Camden.

Financial management

Having spent a decade helping voluntary organisations to steer through devastating funding cuts and become financially independent, this guide brings together our knowledge in budgeting and financial management. We offer practical advice on how to cut back expenditure and make budgets stretch further.


This guide explains how funding works for voluntary organisations, where to look for funding and how to improve your chances of success when applying.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This legislation applies to voluntary organisation and community groups holding personal data on services users, beneficiaries and volunteers and all stakeholders. This guide provides practical guidance on how to stay GDPR compliant.


There are many strict rules for running an organisation. This guide explains how governance works in the voluntary sector including how to work with a board of trustees.


Voluntary organisations are often required to work with other organisations to deliver services in the community. This guide covers the essentials on how to build partnerships and collaborate.


This guide is for voluntary organisations and community group working with children and vulnerable adults. It contains the essential information and contact information organisations need in order to help keep people safe.

Policy and representation

We support voluntary sector organisations to influence policy and decision making. This guide explains the processes and platforms we engage with to make your voice heard at the strategic level, and how you can get involved.

Using statistics and data

We’ve brought together essential information and statistics on Camden in a single, accessible place. Use this guide to collect evidence and data to produce well-researched digital content, funding applications, bids and tenders, and demonstrate due diligence.

VAC Tips for ‘blended’ meetings 

Online and blended meetings have emerged as an important requirement of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have allowed the Voluntary and Community sector to continue its work under incredibly tough circumstances.



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