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Safeguarding Children: Community Safeguarding Partnership Service (CSPS)

All children have the right to live their lives free from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

Funded by the London Borough of Camden since 2006, the Community Safeguarding Partnership Service (CSPS) aim to support, encourage and assist all voluntary, supplementary schools and faith groups, delivering services to children in Camden to be confident in their ability to keep them safe.  


Are you a voluntary organisation, group or supplementary school delivering services to under 18’s in Camden? 

If so, please contact Dianne Carlton-Ogunyemi at dogunyemi@vac.org.uk for safeguarding training, guidance and support on keeping children safe.  

By offering a tailored approach to child protective challenges, the service works alongside organisations and groups to reinforce good practice and embed safeguarding culture within service delivery.  

Over the last 12 months the project has delivered workshops and training courses on issues such as delivering safe virtual services, grooming and radicalisation awareness and abuses linked to faith, culture and beliefs.  

The Community Safeguarding Partnership Service aims to:

  • Inform our communities in Camden of any updates / changes to UK laws on child protection and safeguarding.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of reporting abuses and child protection concerns.
  • Embed safeguarding culture into the fabric of service delivery.
  • To support organisations and groups in the production of effective child protection policy and procedures.
  • Communicate and enable those living in close-knit faith communities to seek professional and confidential advice and support.
  • Facilitate partnerships with statutory agencies and local organisations to increase child safety measures.
  • Provide training, advice and support to supplementary and weekend schools, ethnic minority groups / organisations, faith communities and those delivering services to marginalised communities.
  • Bridge the gaps in communication between statutory services and the communities they serve, in a bid to end harmful practises against children.

How the service works:

This is a long-term project which aims to continue improving child safety and ensure that safeguarding issues are adequately addressed in the planning and delivery of local services. 

  • If you are an organisation, group or start-up with aims to deliver services to under 18’s in Camden, we can help.
  • We provide training, support, information and resources to help you deliver safe and secure services to children and young people.
  • Through collaboration, partnerships and information sharing, the project connects you to other networks in the borough to strengthen and grow your organisation.

Upcoming safeguarding training

Camden Carers Service.

Have you ever wondered who cares for the carer?
Do they know they are a carer, and as a carer, have rights and are entitled to support?

If you engage with individuals who are looking after a friend or family member who couldn’t manage without their support, this person is providing an unpaid care service.
This could be because the person has a health condition, mental health condition, disability or is frail.

Face-to-face: Introduction to Safeguarding for new starters and volunteers.

Crowndale Centre 218 Eversholt Street, London, England, United Kingdom

This introductory course is designed for new starters and volunteers who work both directly and indirectly with organisations or groups delivering services to children, young people and their families in Camden. This session is free for all those who live or work in Camden and have had little or no safeguarding training before.

Safeguarding news and podcasts

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the various queries being received from Camden’s diverse and extensive BME communities, organisations and faith groups, Voluntary Action Camden’s Community Safeguarding Partnership introduced this series of podcasts as an extension to the Protecting Children In The Community training programme.

Out of School Setting Podcast

  Podcast Link between VAC’s Safeguarding lead Dianne Carlton-Ogunyemi, Suzie Yassin and Jane Murphy from Camden here: The National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE)...

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COVID-19: National FGM Centre Podcast

In our first series of interviews, VAC’s Safeguarding Lead talks to Leethen Bartholomew, Head of The National FGM Centre, about the rise in Domestic Violence and child neglect cases, emerging stories of...

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Dispelling the Myth

For the past 8 years I have been delivering training sessions on ‘Safeguarding Children’ and ‘Harmful Practices’ to BAMER community, faith groups and supplementary schools...

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Annual and Evaluation Reports

Here you can read online or download all the project Annual Reports and Evaluation Reports relating to the project since it began in 2007. Happy...

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Current child-related funding opportunities

The A-Z Funding Guide for Schools 2024

Deadline: The whole of 2024. The guide is written specifically for UK Schools and provide detailed information on the types of grants available as well as guidance on how to successfully apply for funding.

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Single Homeless Accommodation Programme

Deadline: March 2025 The objective of the Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme (SHAP) is to fund the delivery of accommodation, with support, to address gaps in homelessness pathway provision.

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If you’d like to know more about the Community Safeguarding Partnership Service then please get in touch with Dianne Carlton-Ogunyemi at dogunyemi@vac.org.uk