Voluntary Action Camden

We want the charity sector in Camden and the wider area to thrive and generate meaningful contributions to the community, and to peoples’ lives. We see ourselves as an umbrella organisation for local groups, and where we can, we want to be able to communicate important news and developments regarding those groups we are working with. The VAC newsletter and social media channels are vital routes for us to build and maintain connections.



A list of newsletters from charities, non-profit groups and community organisations in the Camden area.



In our newsletter, we like to highlight the work done by our partners and members. Find a history of our spotlighted charities here.


Our CEO, Keith, writes to our members and subscribers once a quarter with his personal insight into what’s going on at VAC, along with reflections on developments in the wider sector.



Contact Duncan at social@vac.org.uk to suggest contributions for our newsletter, events you want to promote, and anything else you want to get in touch about regarding communications!