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Our weekly newsletter is full of useful resources, news and information for voluntary organisations and residents in Camden. Each week we post information on:

  • Voluntary sector highlights
  • News and policy – local and national coverage of relevant stories or policies affecting voluntary organisations
  • Funding News
  • VAC event listings
  • Other event listings
  • Jobs and volunteers
  • Offers, resources and announcements

One thing that VAC does so well is the newsletter. It is the one newsletter I make sure I read. It’s really good; it just has a wealth of information. Everyone here is very busy so I go through it and highlight what someone might need to know and send it on. And we advertise our services through the newsletter as well.


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Want to include an item in the newsletter? 

Email social@vac.org.uk with the information you’d like to include and which section it should appear in. If you’re not sure, just ask and we’ll help.

The e-bulletin comes out every Friday. The latest submission for inclusion in the current week’s newsletter is Thursday morning. Submissions should be 50 – 75 words.  Please send plain / html text or a format that can be copied (i.e. not embedded in an image). Send links to documents rather than attachments. Make sure to include your contact details.  


If you have any questions about the VAC newsletter, please contact social@vac.org.uk.