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Introduction to Digital Transformation

This session will introduce you to the concept of digital transformation, what it is and why it matters. Even before the pandemic, charities have started to think about how to use or integrate digital technology to improve operations and deliver better value and experiences to service users.
This introductory session will introduce you to the concept of digital transformation, what it is and why it matters, and how your organisation can approach the challenges and opportunities for digital transformation.

we will cover

  • Difference between digitalisation and digital transformation
  • Reasons for digital transformation What drives digital transformation How to approach digital transformation (Digital transformation framework)
  • The integration of digital technologies (Cloud etc)
  • Introduction to Cloud and cloud-based services
  • User experience
  • Operational agility
  • Introduction to Agile Approach Organisational culture Case – Study Common pitfalls/Risk

Learning Outcomes

  • Establish basic understanding of digital transformation
  • Learn about some core concepts and key enablers of digital transformation Learn about common pitfalls and challenges

Trainers Bio:

Atif Abbas, works for a large American Bank within the financial engineering division. Before joining, Atif has worked for various startups and tech firms in different counties where he led number of agile teams and lead digital product and transformation initiatives. Atif has a MBA from university of Exeter and is CMI certified senior leader and chartered Manager. The views expressed in this session are those of the trainer, and not affiliated to the organisation he works for.


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