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As small grassroots community groups grow into larger, more established organisations, they face a different set of challenges as they expand and develop new services and connections. Whether that might be steering through budget cuts and staff redundancies, working with others in partnership or consortia, or ensuring they have effective governance, leadership and resources to succeed.

We can help your organisation to form and implement practical solutions to a wide variety of challenges that voluntary organisations must address.


How we develop and support voluntary organisations

We can help you make significant and necessary changes to the way your organisation operates on a day-to-day basis.

Our support services include developing and implementing practices, systems and techniques that will improve the performance and culture of your organisation. A solution could be the introduction of a vital new job role, or connecting you to the appropriate advisory support services, for example.

Sometimes, implementing a solution requires extra training and skills which are provided either by us or one of our partner organisations.

If your organisation is facing a turning point and feel we can help keep you on the right track, either get in touch for a conversation or fill in our form to request support from us.

Core areas we focus on:

Here are some goals we can help you to attain:

  • improve key organisation functions
  • expand and take on more functions and responsibilities
  • become financially sustainable
  • restructure management and help teams to manage the change
  • diversify or specialise your service offerings

How to get support from VAC

  • You submit your enquiry including your name, the name of your organisation, or a description of your idea for an organisation.
  • Your enquiry goes into our system and is automatically matched to the team members most qualified to help in your area.
  • You receive a form from us requesting your contact details and the type of support you need.
  • Once we’ve reviewed your form and determined if we can help, we’ll assign you a ‘development worker’ who you’ll hear from within two weeks to discuss the next steps

VAC helped us develop a bespoke capacity building programme for the board to address their learning needs. This helped with the ability of our board members to help shape and influence strategy, influence commissioning, be more strategic at meetings and involve and engage our board at the strategic level and build a more resilient board.



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If you’d like help with your organisation’s development or any particular support then please contact Ricky Singh Tokhi at rsingh@vac.org.uk.