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Environmental justice

We work with Camden groups to address the negative impact of construction and urban development on Camden’s local communities. The groups we support are mainly involved in neighbourhood planning and in developing accessible green spaces and communal buildings.

Community Environmental Justice Inquiry 2017-2020

This recent project was aimed at strengthening the voice of local people to address the negative impacts of High Speed Two (HS2) construction and development on community health and wellbeing.
An Environmental Justice Inquiry was set up to examine evidence presented by local residents, and health and environmental impact assessments were carried out. The Inquiry focused on the Euston Area which is being impacted by the national mega project High Speed Two (HS2), and the proposed Crossrail 2 transit line.

Local residents in the area who campaigned tirelessly for environmentally and socially sustainable alternatives generated a wealth of grass roots evidence as to the impact these schemes are to have on health and wellbeing. This brought together the views and experiences of approximately 1200 people local people who took part in the inquiry. Legal experts then examined the documented evidence who provided some legal context we could work with. It is hoped the information generated by this project might legally support and validate the experiences of local communities affected by intensive construction and building work.

In the Euston Area, an emerging Action Plan also reflects the determination to influence local policy and ensure legal protections for remaining green spaces. It is important to ensure the negative impact of the construction work is made visible in relation to community health. Some of these actions are already being put in place.

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