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peer support and peer mentoring

If you need help to set up a peer support group, or are looking for opportunities to develop peer mentoring to support your communities, we can help you though 1:1 advice, guidance and training.


We can provide culturally sensitive training in peer support group facilitation for your users and members.

Peer support groups aim to promote well-being and resilience through mutual support and problem solving. We offer you training to help you establish a peer support group and ongoing personal development sessions and coaching to assist you in ensuring your initiative is successful. Our support can and may include direct input into the group from one of our team to support facilitators in developing their skills and understanding of the role.


If you are looking for support on peer mentoring, we can provide culturally specific mental health training for staff and volunteers to deliver 1-1 support to individuals within your community. This includes familiarisation and understanding of mental health experiences and developing listening and supportive skills; drawing on lived and learnt experiences to provide support to others in need.

We can assist with follow up sessions and ongoing support through regular appraisals and supervision as well as offering volunteer support.

How to get support from VAC

Simply fill out our clearing house form to tell us a little about the type of services / activities you currently / aim to deliver and what support you are looking for.


The group made her believe she wasn’t to blame for the situation; did not judge her; allowed her time and space to talk openly. They made her feel that there was a lot more in her life than she thought. They also advised her she should never lose hope and that she should always look for opportunities to engage with the family.



Upcoming training


If you’d like to know more about Peer Support or our Cultural Advocacy Project, please get in touch with Mandira Manandhar at mmanandhar@vac.org.uk