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For this months forum we looked into overcoming the digital divide. We know many have be working to help residents to get online and use technology, overall we found that the main issue is access to broadband.

Resources and information mentioned in the workshop:

West Euston Partnership newletter can be accessed here: https://www.westeustonpartnership.org/about-us-2/newsletters/

Anyone wanting to explore online community courses (arts, crafts, exercise, digital skills, employability) with WMC, please get in touch: patriciat@wmcollege.ac.uk
WMC courses currently running (face to face – covid secure: https://www.wmcollege.ac.uk/courses/computing-and-digital-skills/1018

Restart Project can possibly help with repairing tablets: https://therestartproject.org

The resource pack ABC and NLC put together can be found alongside other info on the work our partners are doing on the digital divide http://www.ageingbetterincamden.org.uk/bridging-the-digital-divide

https://abilitynet.org.uk/ – Providing Free Online Tech Support and IT Courses;
https://wavelength.org.uk/what-we-do/ – WaveLength gives media technology to lonely people living in poverty.
https://www.onlinecentresnetwork.org/projects/DevicesDotNow – Everyone Connected (formerly DevicesDotNow) is a project aiming to improve people’s quality of life that has been made harder during the Covid-19 pandemic through lack of access to digital technology and skills training.

Adult Community Learning which can help with digital skills: https://www.camden.gov.uk/about-adult-community-learning

Unity Works – We are still helping people with learning disabilities to get connected and learn skills (face to face) to access zoom and WhatsApp. We also have a full weekly zoom timetable for people with LD to access. Broadband access has been a big challenge or helping people to connect to public wifi/understanding what is safe, inputting passwords etc

Winch – Tablets and phones were provide to some of our service users – Opened courses with parents for children under 5 and/or new parents. Learnt that people are craving face to face but making sure its all Covid Secure. Children and Young people had problems with getting online access where we tried to assist.

CDA – Funding has been provided for technology support. Service not launched just yet, looking at the service design and possible collaborations with other groups. Looked into some face to face opportunities to assist/coached with tech at the greenwood centre (covid safe). Also for laptops and assisted technology depending on needs. Possibly also having a kind of cafe so people can meet in person and online to be assisted on using technology.