Voluntary Action Camden

19th May Voluntary Action Camden Forum: Manifesto for the Camden VCS – what does the sector need now?

This forum wasn’t recorded.  We discussed a number of manifesto proposals set out in this presentation:

Voluntary Action Camden Forum Manifesto Presentation

You can contribute your ideas to our wall of ideas here:



1.11.00 Intro and welcome (Kevin)
2. 11.05 Membership (Donna) Voluntary Action Camden Membership Presentation
3.11.10 Why these things? (Kevin)
4.11.15 Group Work (shared on Padlet) https://padlet.com/info15870/iup02p5lpx1bkcbg
a. Each group take 4 items
b. Clarify, debate, decide
c. Anything missing?
5.11.35 Feedback and discussion
6.11.50 Prioritise
7.11.55 Next steps how to get involved (Donna)
8.12.00 END


Thanks to all those who took part:  Participants List


We agreed to revisit this work at the September Voluntary Action Forum on 15th September.