Voluntary Action Camden


The Health Inequalities Network supports grassroots BAME, people with disabilities  and other marginalised communities in Camden by connecting them with health providers and policy makers.


Health Inequalities has been a VAC strategic theme for many years.  We have hosted a Health and Race Forum enabling easier access to health services, and developed a Health Advocates Programme successfully engaging residents from BAME communities in using local community and health services. VAC partner with MIND in Camden to deliver the Cultural Advocacy Project (CAP) supporting mental health peer support initiatives in different cultural contexts. 

The Health Inequalities Network 

The recent Health Inequalities Network emerged from the Covid19 emergency to address some immediate issues identified with partners Healthwatch and Camden Disability Action (CDA). To date:

  • Healthwatch research has provided a basis for developing resources to encourage vaccine take up in BAME  communities.
  • Camden Disability Action (CDA) are addressing the barriers and isolation encountered by disabled people as they have tried to access services and get about during the pandemic. 
  • VAC is working with Camden Council and BAME led networks to support small groups to build more capacity to support their communities.
  • VAC uses the Voluntary Action Forum as a platform to bring together these and other Camden health inequalities initiatives to share learning, and discuss future need.

Health Inequalities and Capacity Building 

VAC delivered a short project with Camden Council, the Ubele Initiative and AWN (Asian Women’s Network) to work with groups serving BAME communities, and improve their fundraising outcomes. Different methods were employed by the partners involved. The process presented challenges and stimulated ideas about organisational development: traditional structures and approaches, engagement with different communities, and how we work with groups and organisations moving forward. 




To find out more about the Health Inequalities Network, contact Donna Turnbull dturnbull@vac.org.uk