Voluntary Action Camden

HEALTH transformation

VAC has been engaged the in development and change happening in health services for decades. Since 2013 we have presented a VCS voice and hosted practical projects and services to have local influence in some of the biggest changes taking place in the NHS since its inception.  

VAC use data, insights and case studies from social prescribing and other voluntary sector services to build VCS voice and presence within the new Integrated Care Partnership and System developing in Camden and North Central London respectively. Alongside the Care Navigation and Social Prescribing Service, VAC host a Social Prescribing Learning Network , are the lead VCS organisation for North Central London in the National Academy of Social Prescribing (NASP) Thriving Communties Programme, and provide a VCS lead officer for Camden in the Camden and Islington Green Social Prescribing programme.




To find out more about our work on Health Transformation contact Donna Turnbull dturnbull@vac.org.uk