Voluntary Action Camden


VAC has been funded by Google to help small organisations pay for premises to run their organisation, deliver training and hold meetings and community focused events.

The intention is to help small voluntary and community organisations get back into buildings by helping them afford the cost of hot-desking or hire fee of meeting space.  Tech advice is available from Google for groups wanting to run ‘blended’ events and meetings, and VAC can assist with any risk assessment if venues require this from the hirer 

VAC is administering the scheme. Our intention is to keep the process as simple as possible to minimise any administrative burden on the groups, VAC and of course the organisations providing space.


Group eligibility

  • A small voluntary and community sector organisation with income under £150,000/year.
  • Must be based or mainly operating in Camden and serving Camden residents.
  • Must be using space for charitable and work-related purposes (parties, purely social gatherings, leisure clubs or religious services/meetings are not covered by the scheme).

Venue and Booking Eligibility

  • Venues must be included in the Google Grant Scheme.
  • Voluntary and Community Sector venues only (bookings at commercial venues are not permitted).
  • Grant cannot be used for meeting space or hot-desking that is ordinarily free to use. This is for chargeable space only.
  • Bookings for meeting space or hot-desking can be made for a single session or for repeat/multiple sessions.
  • Booking minimum of £100 and maximum of £300 for single or multiple / repeat bookings.
  • Groups can apply anytime up to a maximum value of £300/financial quarter.


If you are looking for room hire covered by the scheme, you can search our Room Hire Directory to find the organisations taking part in the scheme in your area. You will then need to contact the organisation directly to make the booking.

Once the booking has taken place, the venue then invoices VAC in the normal way, rather than invoicing you directly. VAC will arrange payment on your behalf up to the eligible booking amount. Any subsequent and substantial changes to the amount payable from the Grant Scheme will need to be re-approved by VAC.

Information for Room Hirers

As a community organisation offering space in Camden, you will already have been contacted by VAC to ensure you are happy to take part in the scheme. If you haven’t been contacted by VAC but would like to take place in the Scheme, please get in contact with alexcharles@vac.org.uk. Organisations taking part in the scheme can be found on our Room Hire Directory.

Room hirers are responsible for checking the group is eligible under the terms above. 

To apply for the grant, please complete our online application form ensuring all the eligibility information has been completed.

We will let you know that the grant application has been approved.  VAC will arrange payment on the Group’s behalf up to the amount requested in the application form. Any substantial changes to this amount will need to be approved by VAC first before confirming the booking with the Group.  This is to ensure there are sufficient funds left within the bursary to pay for the booking.


If you have any questions about the booking process, or to find out more about the Google Grant program, contact Ricky Singh rsingh@Vac.org.uk