Voluntary Action Camden

VAC Member Benefits Report 2023

Last year, many of our members responded to our survey about VAC membership and told us about both your positive experience and things we could improve.

The majority of those who answered our survey – 90.3%- have stated that they have benefitted from being members of the VAC and that they appreciate VAC’s help in partnerships building. 0.7% of the respondents though are not sure so we are embarking on more visible promotion of the VAC membership support.


We have invested in enhancing our membership offer and as part of that, I’m pleased to introduce myself as VAC’s Membership Development Officer.


My name is Vania Guetova and I am working to support you with creating sustainable solutions that will help the local community sector grow and develop and helping to launch a refreshed VAC training package that meets the needs of our members. I have started the VAC Camden New Groups Network and am supporting the VAC Networks by sharing important information, providing quality advice and guidance and offering networking space for peer support and learning.


Read the report here: VAC Member Benefits Report 2023